The Telligent Community InProcess API allows you to hook into almost any action that happens within the platform. These can be both before and after the event occurs, such as when a user is created, updated, deleted or when they are authenticated. It can also be when content e.g. a forum thread or blog post is created, updated or deleted. This makes integration with Telligent Community very simple and often allows you to capture or change the data during the pipeline.

Events and Plugins

We often create plugins that will run when a user is created to pull information from a back-end system. For example, pulling profile data or sending data to another system or service when a user updates their profile. We could also send an email or log an event when content is created.


All we need to do to handle one of these events is to create a plugin that simply implements IPlugin. We can then create the event handler in the Initialize method of our plugin. Below you can see a couple of examples of how you can create event handlers for Users and Forum Threads. Once this plugin is deployed and enabled the event handlers will be registered when the plugin is loaded.

You can also see the code in my Examples GitHub repository.


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